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2015.05.27-28 Kherson delegation headed by the President of the Kherson CCI has visited Tehran, Iran

At the end of May Kherson delegation went on a visit of the 22nd International Agricultural Trade Fair to Tehran

2015.01.26 - the Kherson Chamber of Commerce and Industry and SE “Khersonstandartmetrologiya” were reconciled Interface plans on 2015

Today a work meeting of leadership of the Kherson Chamber of Commerce and Industry Centers with the State Enterprise “Khersonstandartmetrologiya” took place.

2015.01.19 – British writer Tessa West, the author of the book “The Curious Mr. Howard” describing life history of philanthropist John Howard, visited Kherson

This year, Kherson commemorates a famous British philanthropist and reformer John Howard. On the 20th of January, 2015 it is 225 years from the date of his death.

2015.01.16 The exhibition of children's drawings the "Illustration for the folk fairy tale”

This year in Kherson the III International competition of children’s drawings was held. The Kherson Chamber of Commerce and Industry traditionally was a partner of main event organizer - the Kherson Educational and Aesthetic Complex “Art school”.

2015.01.16 – The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine encouraged the adoption of Ukrainian legislation to norms of the European Union by acceptance a new law on technical regulation and assessment of conformity.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine set in the first reading  the draft law № 1065 “On technical regulations and conformity assessment”,  which proves standard legal and basic arrangements for development, adoption and using of technical regulations and processes of compliance assessment, as also the actualization of compliance of assessment . 

2015.01.06 – The Kherson Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Practice Center of Kherson Regional State Administration agreed cooperative training areas in the Small and Medium business supporting.

The subject of the meeting was a plan discussing of training for government employees in supporting of the Small and Medium business, and also providing a staff skills upgrading.

2015 – For the attention of entrepreneurs! See a commercial offer from Iran!

We invite you to take the step to the expansion of Ukrainian-Iranian cooperation

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