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2014.12.26 - The Kherson Chamber of Commerce and Industry organizes the alignment meeting, concerning the export supporting issues

As a part of governmental events and one of the most important Directions of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry functions – activation of domestic goods export, the Kherson CCI creates Export support Centre.

2014.12.04 – The presentation of the Belarus Free Economic Areas “Gomel’-Raton” in Kiev

On December 4, 2014, the delegation of business circles of Gomel’ Region (Belarus Republic) came to Kiev. The delegation leaded the presentation-seminar” The Belarus Free Economic areas it is effective mechanism to attraction of investments”, using as example FEZ “Gomel’-Raton”.

2014.11.27. Meeting in the Kherson Chamber of Commerce and Industry with representatives of the Kyrgyzstan Embassy and with journalist of Kyrgyzstan Republic TV Company.

The journalist of Kyrgyzstan TV Channel Artem Slon’ and employees of Embassy had a meeting with administration of the Kherson CCI.

2014.11.26 - A conference devoting to environmental awareness building of young people held under the International Ecological Forum “Clean city. Clean river. Clean planet”.

In the conference “The environmental awareness building of young people - it is a way to rational using of natural resources and saving of the outside world”, in which the schools teachers, nursery teachers and students of the Kherson Educational Institutions took part.

2014.11.21 - The Kherson City Department of Education and the Kherson CCI take part in environmental education of schoolchildren.

In the frame of Environmental Forum “Clean City. Clean river. Clean Planet”, having been organized by the Kherson Chamber of Commerce and Industry for several years, in the Regional children schools the series of events are held for a environmental week: environmental evenings, flash-mobs, contests.

2014.11.20 – The Kherson Chamber of Commerce and Industry took part in the meeting with students and teachers of the Kherson State University

On November 20, students and teachers in the Kherson State University of Economy and Management Department had a meeting with Sergey Rybachok, Director and Financial Analyst of “Amaltea”Ltd. and a member of the Ukrainian Council of the territorial branch of the Taxpayers Association.

2014.11.11 – The representative of Germany building companies Kristof Zil’zs visited the Kherson Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The funding questions, subject matter and timing of lectures on practice, requirements and legislation of construction under the Ukrainian entry into the European Union were discussed during the meeting.

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