The Kherson CCI draws barcodes on manufactured products

Today barcoding is the most massive method of labeling and identification of goods worldwide. Marked barcode enables the unique identification of goods and the manufacturer or distributor. 

In Ukraine, a number of regulations provides the mandatory labeling of products with bar codes. In particular, beverages and tobacco products, drugs, samples of audiovisual works and phonograms are liable for mandatory barcodes in Ukraine. The need for assigning goods with barcode is caused by demands of modern wholesale and retail traders - in these cases the barcode becomes a practical tool of accounts automation at deliveries and sales. 

The barcoding of products not only makes it possible to automate the process of production, transportation, accounting and sales, but also increases the demand for products, enhances the prestige of the manufacturer, product competitiveness both on the domestic and foreign markets.  

According to the norms of the Global System of commodity numbering, enterprises and private entrepreneurs wishing to use barcodes for numbering, identification and automated reading of information about a product, should become members of the national organization GS1 Ukraine.  

In the regional center of the Kherson CCI Bar Coding you will always be provide with introductory package of documents, required for obtaining a barcode, and you will be helped to draw up a contract, for entrance to the association "EAN-Ukraine» - «GS1 Ukraine", to enter into further agreements, allowing to work at reduced rates, to issue documents for assigning identification codes GS1.

Specialist on Regional Bar Coding Centre of the Kherson Chamber of Commerce and Industry is always happy to advise you on the use of internal bar codes, bar codes in trade and warehouse calculation, on the transport labels and barcode verification applied, to the label. In addition, we seek out the manufacturer of goods according to the barcode in any world country, examine the print quality of barcodes and do many other things.       

Kherson CCI is always available to help a client, because we are working in your best interest!

You are welcome at the Regional Bar Coding Centre of the Kherson CCI:
Specialist: Iryna Loboda  
tel.: +380 (552) 49-33-29
tel./fax: +380 (552) 32-54-99
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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